"Smart Boredom" and boredom are terms that illustrate the digital revolution in the culture. Before the era of smart phones and mobile apps boredom was described as a "compression of time", resulting from habit and monotony. Today we use the term "Smart Boredom" to describe a phenomenon, which is exactly the opposite - a compulsion to comment and produce content, to fill the time.

The "Immersive Realit├Ąts Beochachtungs Smartphone" (IRBS) is designed to help to targeted confront boredom with the help of the smartphone. By sighting the reality through the display, the "smatphone compulsion" is satisfied. But instead of feading out the reality, IRBS helps to opserve the reality conciuosly again and so offers the chance to deal with boredom.

Merz Akademie
Docent: Johannes P Osterhoff


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