Fitting Room

Interactive Fitting Room

Customer experience is and will continue to be a driving force in the future of the physical retail store. The interactive fitting room is an interactive extension of a conventional dressing room mirror and enables new features and a more comfortable shopping journey. With an augmented reality technology mirror, the customer can directly interact with the smart mirror. The focus is still on the customer, the product and the dress fitting. The "seeing oneself in the mirror" is thereby extended by additional interactive options, which support the customer during the fitting and purchase decision.

Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Docent: Frank Jacob, Jens Alexander Ewald

Augmented Reality / UX/UI Design / Interaction

First Concepts

The first drafts were quite rigid and rather oriented to an online shop. In a second phase the design and layout became graphically more freely and playful and provides new possibilities of a interactive live shopping moment.

Final Concept with interactive features

Entering the fitting room with your garments, the mirror greets you with a kind invitation to check out the cloths. The screen automatically tracks the customers chosen items, displays them side-by-side and shows you not just the size you picked but also the additional, available sizes and colors you can choose from in the store. You want to try the item in an other color? With the use of augmented reality the dress is virtually changed to your requested color, so you don’t have to change the item neither leave the fitting room.
With the additional 360° feature you can record how you look with a 360-degree view and easily share it with friends to get their opinions. Further options can be accessed through the right side page navigation (such as setting the lighting conditions in the cabin, request a shopping assistant, get more product infections, calculating the final calculation, etc. )


The design is minimalistic and reduced with a clearly structured layout, but still young, fashionable and open (with some „unconventional" elements). It plays with unobtrusive colorfulness and transparency; important here is especially the contrast due to the light conditions and mirror surface. Through including the Interface smoothly and seamless around the customer, the user likewise the product stand in the foreground.